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British Wildlife Artist

Welcome to the website of contemporary watercolour artist, Rachel Singleton

'Little Wren' painting
Kingfisher painting

My journey as an artist began in my 40s. Prior to this I had no idea I could produce art! As a self-taught artist I have navigated my way from sketching, to abstract acrylics to eventually finding my way 'home' to watercolour wildlife. 


I live in the heart of the Lake District, Cumbria, and the diversity of habitat is astonishing: fell and forest, river and stream, hedgerow and old slate quarry, tarn, lake, marshland and moorland.

And in such habitats the wild creatures are found: a charm of goldfinches gathering seed in late summer, yellowhammers lighting up the hedgerow in the winter, droves of geese traversing the skies in spring and autumn, the red squirrel chittering, the fox barking.

This is the hidden world surrounding me. Mysterious and sacred.

Every day, I am struck by its beauty. And I hope to capture something of the wild essence of the creatures I encounter in my paintings, and bring this to your walls.


"Your art is alive! I cannot stop looking at it. It is so well done, but it is more than your technical ability - it feels full of soul and mystery. It feels enchanting."  Sarah Selsing


Original Paintings for Sale

An original painting has within it the energy of the artist, the essence of the subject and the potency of the creative process. It is a fleeting moment of alchemy captured in a form that will last for a very long time.

For this reason, I love and prefer to produce originals - unique and singular pieces, treasures for your walls. There is something about an original that feels alive. Every painting on this site is unique. Occasionally, I will go back to a subject or source photo, and render it again, but the piece you purchase will be one of a kind.

It is my hope that you acquire something that feels precious and alive for you, reminding you of the mystical wild world of which you are part.

Red fox painting
A painting of a Dipper on a rock by the water

Wildlife Prints

I am currently exploring producing limited edition signed prints for some of the most requested paintings on this site. If there is a painting that you would like to purchase as a print, please get in touch to find out more.

Commission Art

Would you like to commission a piece of art for yourself or a loved one?

Do you want to give someone a special present who loves a particular wild bird or animal?

Perhaps it is your birthday, or you are setting up a new space, and are looking for something to commemorate this?

For further details, click on the button below:

Barn Owl watercolour painting

Ethical Art

5% from the profits of every painting sold goes to local wildlife conservation groups

98% of the art and packaging materials used are vegan, environmentally friendly and/or recycled

100% of each painting is created with love

Join myself and my dear friend, Clare Brown, for our  Circle of Pollination podcast.


Here you will find inspiring and thought-provoking conversations around consciousness and creativity.

Together, we combine our experience as long-term transformational coaches with our creative lives as emerging artists to explore

life, meaning and the creation of art.

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